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The item you have purchased is likely to increase in value and at some point in the future you may decide to sell the item on or maybe get a valuation for insurance purposes.

Our unique credit card style COA holds a reference number unique to your item, this number can be entered at anytime in the future in to the box above which will bring up a picture of the piece purchased along with the original description and date you purchased the item.

This COA can not be duplicated or faked and will mean that your item can be easily recognized as an authenticated piece of memorabilia from a worldwide recognised dealer.

How do we obtain our autographs?

Over the years we have built up a vast array of contacts within the movie and sporting industries, these contacts enable us from time to time to gain access to certain celebrities in order for us to obtain autographs.

Our main source of stock items come from in person collectors that will target red carpet events in order to gain autographs on behalf of ilovememorabilia, autographs gained at these events tend to be rushed as the chosen celebrity will be bombarded by collectors from all over the world.

By far the best stock available to us comes from private signings and special events set up specifically for us to obtain autographs, these autographs tend to be of a very high standard as they are not rushed and are signed in a comfortable and private environment. as we have to pay the stars direct for these, they tend to be more expensive as they are of a better quality than those signed at red carpet events.

The Sundance film festival in Utah. This is a great place to obtain autographs though the costs for travelling and stay are quite high. last year we managed to get access to more than 50 stars and obtained some very good signed pieces many of which are on our site.

We never put anything on our website that is not 100% authentic.

We are highly respected within our industry and are members of both the Universal Autograph Collectors Club and The autograph fair trade association. These organisations are run by Autograph collectors and take forgery and fraud very seriously with immediate expulsion to anyone suspected of selling fakes.

We never sell on eBay. We estimate that more than 90% of autographs for sale on eBay are not genuine and therefore we will not sell our products on this site and we urge all collectors to buy only from members of the UACC or AFTAL or preferably both.

We want to build up a relationship with our clients and customers and we want you to be 100% confident that what you are purchasing is totally original and authentic.

Below you will see some pictures of stars signing autographs. you will see how several from red carpet events and see how rushed and manic these are compared to some of the pictures taken at private signings like the one of the cast from the Big Bang Theory. These give you an idea of what collecting is like and how difficult it can be.

Movie & TV stars signing autographs on memorabilia