Breakheart Pass 1975 Original UK quad

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Breakheart Pass 1975 Original UK quad

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Breakheart Pass is an American 1975 western adventure film that stars Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson, Richard Crenna, and Jill Ireland. The movie was based on the novel by Alistair MacLean of the same title, and was filmed in north central Idaho.


In the 1870s, residents of the garrison at the Fort Humboldt Army outpost are supposedly suffering from a diphtheria epidemic. A train is heading towards the fort filled with reinforcements and medical supplies. There are also civilian passengers on the train – Nevada governor Fairchild (Richard Crenna) and his mistress Marica (Jill Ireland), among others.

The train stops briefly in Myrtle, where it takes on board a local lawman (Ben Johnson) and his prisoner, John Deakin (Charles Bronson), a notorious outlaw who was identified via a picture in a newspaper article. However, Deakin is actually an undercover federal agent.

Deakin, along with his partner, the Reverend, discovers en route that there is no epidemic at the outpost and the "epidemic" is actually a conspiracy between a group of killers and a tribe of Indians. One by one, though, men aboard the train keep dying as it steams toward Breakheart Pass.

At Breakheart Pass all hell breaks loose as Indians attack the train (over 400 stolen rifles). The 1/2 wrecked Army train, which lost all its troops in a spectacular crash, is defenceless. Meanwhile, the gold smuggling, co-conspirators (killers) hear the battle (from a Ft. Humboldt siege), and ride out to take the train..(leaving the detentioned troops free to do as they will..) Guns & dynamite erupt in the insuing battle, and in the end, the pass is littered w/carnage as the Indians are left running.


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