David Scott Autographed Signed Framed Montage

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David Scott Autographed Signed Framed Montage

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Hand Signed By David Scott.

This item comes Professionally  mounted, Framed and glazed with FREE postage within the UK.

The Frame is a staggering 2ft 9 Inches by 2ft


David Scott America Astronaut commander of apollo 15 (1971) the seventh man to walk on the moon. The Montage has a 10x8 Printed composite image featuring scott in a half length pose wearing his whit spacesuit and other smaller images, mission patches, printed quotation etc Signed by Scott himself in Gold Ink with his name alone. There is also a brief resume of his career and photos taken on the moon. This is a wonderful piece of history and will only increase in value.

David Randolph Scott (born June 6, 1932) is an engineer, an American test pilot, retired U.S. Air Force officer, and former NASA astronaut, who was one of the third group of astronauts selected by NASA in October 1963. As an astronaut, Scott became the seventh person to walk on the Moon.


Before becoming an astronaut, Scott graduated from the West Point Military Academy and joined the United States Air Force. Scott eventually retired from the Air Force in 1975 with the rank of Colonel, and more than 5600 hours of logged flying time.

As an astronaut, Scott made his first flight into space as pilot of the Gemini 8 mission along with Neil Armstrong in March 1966, spending just under eleven hours in Low Earth orbit. Scott then spent ten days in orbit as Command Module Pilot aboard Apollo 9, his second spaceflight, along with Commander James McDivitt and Lunar Module Pilot Rusty Schweickart. During this mission, Scott became the last American to fly solo in Earth orbit (not counting subsequent untethered EVAs). Scott made his third and final flight into space as commander of the Apollo 15 mission, the fourth human lunar landing, becoming the seventh person to walk on the Moon and the first person to drive on the Moon.

After the return of Apollo 15 to Earth, it was discovered that, without authority, Scott, with the knowledge of his crew, had taken 398 commemorative postal covers to the moon of which a hundred were then sold to a German stamp dealer. The profits of the sale would have been used to establish trust funds for the Apollo 15 crew's children. Although NASA had itself contracted to carry stamp covers on the mission, the actions of the astronauts were not illegal, and NASA had turned a blind eye to similar activities on earlier flights, the administration decided to make an example of Scott and his crew and none of them flew in space again.

According to his autobiography (Deke! [ISBN 978-0-312-85918-3]), Deke Slayton, Chief of the Astronaut Corps, felt Scott, Worden and Irwin had embarrassed NASA and the Apollo program by trying to profit in such way from the hard work that had gone into the Apollo 15 mission, and violated NASA rules. He confronted them and they told him what they'd done and why, and it was then that Slayton took them off the back-up crew of Apollo 17 and effectively ended their careers as astronauts. Worden went on to work at Ames Research Center and Scott was placed in the Manned Spacecraft Center. Irwin left NASA to become a full-time preacher.

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