Death Wish 4: The Crackdown 1987 Original UK Quad

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Death Wish 4: The Crackdown 1987 Original UK Quad

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Death Wish 4: The Crackdown is a 1987 action thriller, and the third sequel to the 1974 film Death Wish, once again starring Charles Bronson.

This is the first of the series to carry a subtitle, the first to be directed by someone other than Michael Winner, and the last to be released by Cannon Films. It was directed by J. Lee Thompson.

The film had a substantially cheaper budget and more limited release than its predecessors. It debuted in U.S. theatres in November 1987. The screenplay by Gail Morgan Hickman returns Kersey to Los Angeles, where he lived in Death Wish II.


A woman in a parking garage has trouble starting her car. Three thugs appear, force her out, and begin to rape her when Paul Kersey appears out of nowhere. He shoots the first two to death and wounds the third. Kersey blocks the exit, where the third mugger pleads for his life. Paul shoots him and then rolls the criminal over with his foot and reveals him to be himself. The assault was just a bad dream.

A young woman enters Paul's architectural office. She is Erica Sheldon (Dana Barron), whose mother, Karen Sheldon (Kay Lenz), is Paul's current girlfriend. Erica later goes with boyfriend Randy Viscovich (Jesse Dabson) to an arcade to meet up with someone named JoJo Ross (Héctor Mercado) and another buddy, Jesse Winters (Tim Russ). JoJo offers her crack cocaine, and Erica dies from an overdose.

Having seen Erica accept a cigarette from Randy whilst in his car the previous night, Kernsey is certain Randy was involved with Erica's death so he follows him to the arcade. Randy confronts JoJo and threatens to go to the police. JoJo silences Randy to prevent this. Kersey promptly shoots JoJo, who falls onto the electrified roof of the bumper-car ride to his death.

At home, Paul receives a call from publisher and secretive tabloid owner Nathan White (John P. Ryan). Nathan explains that after his wife died, his daughter became his whole life. Then she became addicted to drugs and eventually died of an overdose. Nathan wants to hire Kersey to wipe out the drug trade in LA — in particularly, there are 2 major drug gangs rivaling between themselves for the main local drug supply: one is led by Ed Zacharias (Perry Lopez), while the other is under brothers Jack and Tony Romero (Mike Moroff and Dan Ferro respectively).

Kersey accepts and Nathan supplies him with weapons and information. All the while two LA detectives, Sid Reiner and Phil Nozaki (George Dickerson and Soon-Tek Oh respectively), begin to investigate the arcade deaths.

Kersey infiltrates a mansion where Zacharias is throwing an elaborate birthday party. As he bugs a phone, he witnesses Zacharias murder a colleague, Vince Montono (James Purcell), who stole a big deal of cocaine from Zahcarias's South American connections. Zacharias discovers and captures Paul (under the fake name "Leo") and orders him to help carry out the dead body. A hired hitman, Al Arroyo (Daniel Sabia) helps Paul hide the corpse in the trunk of a car. Knowing that he is about to be killed, Paul decapitates Arroyo with the car's trunk cover in self-defense.

Paul proceeds to kill three of Ed Zacharias' favored hitmen at an Italian restaurant - Danny Moreno (Michael Russo), Art Sanella (Danny Trejo) and Jack Steiner - with a wine bottle containing a bomb (he offered the explosive bottle to the 3 criminals under the fake name "Jack Kimble" and saying himself to be a representative of a newly-open wine manufacturer); later he starts attacking the Romeros' side: first, he kills drug dealer Max Green (Tom Everett), leader of Romeros' streetdealers, disguised as a sex video trader.

The fake Nathan White is furious that Kersey is still alive. He kidnaps and uses Karen as a bait to lure Paul into a trap. Kersey knocks out Detective Reiner (who was awaiting inside Kersey's apartment), then pulls a M16 rifle, with an incorporated M203 grenade launcher, from a gun rack hidden behind his freezer.

Kersey arrives at the meeting place - the parking lot of White's luxurious commercial building. The car rolls forward as White orders his men to open fire. They spray the car with bullets before realizing Paul's not in it. Kersey fires a grenade, killing three bandits as their van explodes, then fires another grenade to kill Jesse as he betrays his crew and tries to drive away. Kersey follows White into a roller rink, resulting in the deaths of six more criminals (Nick Franco being the last of them).

White escapes through a back door holding Karen hostage. Karen attempts to escape, but White shoots from behind and kills her. (She becomes the third of Paul's love interests in the series to be murdered by gang members). Distraught by Karen's death and realizing that White has run out of bullets, Kersey fires a last grenade that finishes him off, literally blasting him to death. Reiner arrives and orders him to surrender, threatening to shoot as Kersey walks away. Kersey simply replies: "Do whatever you have to", and Reiner lets him go.
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